1891: Henry Dunker at the Helm

Soon after the company's beginning, Johan Dunker's son, Henry, is hired at the age of 21 as the company’s only salesman to get the infant company off the ground. Later, he inherits the company and builds the company Tretorn, as we know it today.

1892-94: More Than A Trend

Dunker’s company produces 39,000 pairs of galoshes in 1892. Just two years later, the number rises to 206,000.

1896: A Milestone

1,000,000th rubber boot manufactured at Helsinborgs Gummifabriks AB on February 18, 1896.

2010: Henry Dunker's Legacy

The Henry and Gerda Dunker Foundation manages Dunker’s funds so that it may continue to donate to Helsingborg.

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